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UNVEILING THE ALL-NEW LIVE22 ON never settles for anything less than excellence – if there are bigger, better, and newer slot games that we can rock your world with, trust that will be there to deliver them. To keep your lucky streak going in yet another prosperous year of online betting, has partnered with Live22, a brand new slot game provider that is rapidly growing in popularity and demand. With Live22, all the online slots they have created are detailed and thoughtful so players will truly have a good time when playing any of Live22’s slot games. In a nutshell, what Live22 offers through its comprehensive database of slot games is extensive variety that meets unmatched quality. Most notable of all are Live22’s visual designs for all its online slots – each slot game features its own set of unique and beautifully rendered characters that revolve around a specific theme. Fancy taking a trip through time, back to Shanghai in the early 1900s? Live22 has specially designed its ‘Paris of the East’ slot game to give players a feel of this jazzy and romantic era; its dazzling visuals easily capture the vibe and atmosphere of modern Shanghai in the early 20th century. If your preferences border on edgier themes, Live22 has other proprietary online slots to meet those tastes. For example, Live22’s ‘Evil King Ox’ slot game is a take on an antagonistic character with roots in Chinese mythology and the slot game was designed to convey a more domineering and bold ambience.

Now that Live22 has climbed aboard to add more colour to’s impressive selection of providers and games, you will get to experience yet more variety and excitement each time you play on With so many online slots to choose from, courtesy of Live22, you can say goodbye forever to boredom!